And we’re off despite a vindictive toilet

So we started our journey July 2 with a trip to the Wye River for the annual 4th of July raft-up.


As usual, a great time with friends.  The annual watergun fight proved the fiercest in many years of battle with soaked troops and truce ending the day.


Two nights of Tex Mex was fun, but didn’t sit so well Sunday morning when it was time to leave for the “big trip.”  Our toilet raised its valves in protest and exploded.  Literally.

Too much Tex Mex

Too much Tex Mex

So it was somewhat anticlimactic when we toodled into Annapolis Landing later that afternoon for repairs.  Several acquaintances looked us over and said, “We thought you were gone already,” and then nodded sympathetically when they heard about the vindictive toilet.  Several hours and three victims later, we left the dock at Annapolis Landing Marina.  Our parting words:  “Okay, you can stop waving now.”

We had a lovely passage up the Delaware Bay (though we are still swatting at unwanted guests who joined us along the way) and along the Jersey coast.  We had several interesting sightings including:

dolphins playing off our bow in the evening



and bargicus largicus


We stopped in Cuttyhunk, MA, a favorite stop from our last cruise in New England, for a few days.  As Hannes noted, we are not actually racing this time.

Here’s a link to our Spot Tracker:

And here’s the ground we’ve covered so far:

first leg

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