Port Clyde

We are in port Clyde, me. It is what I imagined when I thought of small fishing/lobster villages in Maine. It seems that there are two main streets, a small store that has food, seafood, oil and gasoline, and liquor. Then there is an ice cream store/bakery combo. There is a small park with a 12 ft jungle gym, a merry go round, a basketball court with basketballs laying there for anyone to use. i didn’t think that kids were allowed to be merry anymore – too dangerous. Glad they didn’t figure that out.

What else do you need?

Maybe a data connection. And a stable voice connection. Right now I’m on an open wireless network that is there on and off.

Oh, and a few vegetables wouldn’t be terrible either. We heard vegetables weren’t popular up here. The store had potatoes and onions. Are those vegetables?

So, this is a great place. Too bad I could use a data connection and like to eat vegetables.





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