We are settling into a routine here in Rockland, me. We have a town mooring just off the coast guard station. After breakfast, we head into town either to the park or the library or to one of the attractions like the puffin visitors center. I have been doing some work mostly on the mornings. In the afternoon, we have eaten more than our share of awesome ice cream. We’ve had all of our dinners on the boat including one night of lobster and haddock. We’ll repeat that one again. Ice cream and the playground have been the kids’ favorites. Shocking isn’t it? There is also a Hamilton marine store here that is getting to know our credit card quite well.

Yesterday e checked our the local boat building school called apprenticeshop. They have some interesting boats in build and gave us a nice tour and a piece of poplar that I’ll use for a project on the boat.

Today (Saturday) we borrowed a car and drove to the next town over to visit the home site of Henry Knox, the first secretary of war. They had a celebration of his 263rd birthday.

The massive heat wave is the talk of the locals. It is in the mid 80s each day and feels wonderfully summer like. the forecast for next week calls for highs around 70. We’re not so sure about that yet.

All in all, Rockland is a great, friendly town.




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