Rockland highlights

Rockland was a great stop for us. Here’s our top highlight list (in no particular order):

Ice cream (thorndike creamery)
Seals playing in the harbor
Haddock and soft shell lobsters at the fish market
Bread and pastries at the bakery
Friendly harbormaster
Fast and free wifi at the harbor master’s office
Neat used book store and the 1958 cruising guide of new England we bought.
Full moon rising over the harbor
Ice cream
Thursday farmers market
Rite Aid pharmacy having a whole aisle of hard liquor
Puffin visitors center
Hamilton marine right at the harbor
Apprenticeshop wooden boat building shop
Garlic scapes at the small market by the harbor
Schooners sailing in and out of the harbor
Ice cream

After making so many miles in our first week out, it was nice to stop for a while and settle into a routine. We are now headed to pulpit harbor on North Haven, then probably to duck harbor on isle au haut and finally to Northeast Harbor.

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One Response to Rockland highlights

  1. Sean Reilly says:

    sounds like a great Ice cream tour of the North East!! Sounds like a blast.

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