Pulpit Harbor

We spent the night anchored in pulpit harbor on the island of North Haven. It is famous for the sunsets over pulpit rock (the rock in the middle of the entrance shown in the picture below). Greg and kids had a nice kayak tour of the harbor and a side creek. In that creek, there was a pair of beautiful open cockpit wooden sailboats and a boat building shed up on the hill with a marine railway and another wooden boat. That would be a neat place to explore.

In the evening, we spoke to two other boats anchored here who knew Hurrah’s prior owners. They were well known fixtures on the Maine circuit.

We are still living the rough life.

On to duck harbor on aisle au haut today. Isle au haut means “high island”. We could fancify the name and say it “eel au ho”, but it appears that the right pronunciation is “aisle au holt”. Champlain even spelled it “isle au holt” originally. Duncan, in the 1958 cruising guide, quotes a local verse:

Says the summer man, when the fog hangs low,
There’s a bridal wreath over isle au Haut.
But the fisherman says, when he launches his boat,
It’s gosh darn foggy off isle au Haut.



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