Duck harbor, Isle au Haut

We are currently anchored a touch and a smidge too far up into duck harbor. The scenery is stunning with rocky shorelines capped with pine trees. Some of the rocky shore is littered with huge boulders and granite ledges. There are guillemots swimming. This morning the sun and fog alternated dominating the light. Right now there is more sun than fog.

Yesterday evening we walked a bit up on the trail and shore and climbed the huge boulders and ledges. The fog must win out over the sun here often and the ground and the trees are covered with moss and lichens of green and pink/purplish colors. Once the sun starts to set, the Mosquitos are in charge. They are big like the boulders and fortunately not too much faster.

We came over here in the rain and fog yesterday. The lobster pots were a challenge, but having duck harbor appear out of the fog only a couple of hundred feet out was spectacular. The harbor is narrow and deep, making anchoring with enough scope a challenge. We finally anchored in the
mouth and when backing down snagged the secondary float of a lobster pot. Around the prop. The line cutters mostly did their job, but we shifted to neutral before they could finish. So, out came the dry suit and in I went to clear the rest. It wasn’t too bad.

Unfortunately, we had too much chain out for the width, so we moved further into the cove, past the park dock. We set the primary anchor is 20ft. Then a stern anchor to keep us in one place. All was good. This morning, I was on deck at 0630, 30 min after low tide. I could see the bottom all around us. With a pole and a boat hook, I measured depths between 6.2 and 7.2ft. We are aground at 6.1 or 6.2. We weren’t aground, but it was close. I rowed out to the two anchors in the dinghy and could clearly see that they were set well. That’s a first. So, at the mid day high tide, we’ll move further out in the harbor.

So. We’re using this stop to check off a couple of new Maine experiences: catching a lobster pot and touching the bottom. Check. Check.

Pictures when we have a better connection.


Duck Harbor

Duck Harbor, Isle au Haut

Duck Harbor, Isle au Haut


Duck Harbor, Maine

Duck Harbor, Maine

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