Duck harbor to Northeast Harbor

Yesterday we moved from duck harbor to Northeast harbor. The change is like traveling between centuries. We were the only boat in Duck Harbor until our friends on Moontide joined us. Here it seems that there are hundreds of boats in the harbor. The town has a cute (too cute) main street with all sorts of expensive looking collectible stores. There are a few restaurants, two bakeries, a marine store, an ace hardware store and what appears to be an ice cream store. We’re going to be all over the last one.

We planned to stay here for a week to hike in Acadia, but instead payed for three days. We can extend that if this city life suits us. Actually, it’s not the city life since we loved Rockland.

This hills in acadia made for a spectacular entry into the harbor. It is beautiful here. I said on the way in that I bet this is what parts of Norway look like. Then, we met a couple who have cruised to Norway on their boat. They agreed that there is a similarity.

Today is a rain day. A cool one at that. It’s a good thing for us really as it slows our pace a bit. The kids are reading and playing. We may check out the oceanariums in bar harbor and maybe the farmers market in Southwest Harbor.


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