Northeast Harbor

Our second full day in northeast Harbor offers sun and some warmth. The rain and fog was interesting and fit the land and seascape quite well, but we aren’t too sorry to see it go.

Yesterday, we toured the mount desert oceanarium and lobster hatchery. They had an amazing touch tank with a wonderful narrator. The kids were able to touch and hold sea urchins, sea cucumbers, starfish, and horseshoe crabs. There was a lot of information on the creatures. they also have a lobster hatchery with lobsters in all sorts of growth stages. It was cool.

We also stopped by the Acadia visitors center and watched the propaganda film “Acadia always”. We were hoping for a geological and human history of Acadia. Perhaps a bit about the wildlife. Demanding, aren’t we? No, instead we “enjoyed” hearing about how we have to preserve Acadia just like it is now for ever. We heard how wonderful the park service and their programs are. We heard how we should join the “friends of Acadia” group. Oh, we also heard how we could drive to the top of the mountain. Yes, drive. A lot of pretty pictures, but not a peep about how Acadia was formed.

Today, we’re off to the farmers market in bar harbor and then hopefully we’ll have a chance to take a hike ourselves. As I said about our arrival, the scenery here is beautiful and we’re hoping to make the most of it.

Also, everything is going well on hurrah.


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