Northeast harbor & Acadia

Attached are a few views of Northeast Harbor today. The day started our with some light fog in the harbor and after oscillating between clear and light fog is now mainly clear especially looking inland.

Greg spent the morning and part of the afternoon taking care of some work. The other three headed to a nearby beach this morning. Later, we’ll head to Jordan pond House for somehow the famous popovers.

Note among the pictures below a lobster boat pushing a barge with a truck on it. It just came in the harbor. We haven’t seen that one before.

We haven’t decided yet where to go from here or when to leave. Right next door is the only fjord on the east coast, Somes Sound. We’d like to see that. Southwest Harbor is also close by, but we’re not sure what else we would see there. To the southwest is frenchboro on Long Island which has a description a bit like Cuttyhunk, one of our other favorites. We would also like to head back into Penobscot bay and see Belfast. AT&T has terrible coverage over much of Penobscot and neighboring muscgongus bay. Life with work is easier with a solid cell connection. The other big option is to continue “down east” to Roque Island. It sounds like a neat place. Finally, we may need to run and find some summer. So, where will we be next week? It’s a mystery.

Other things on our plate in the near term include making up a new anchor snubber with a piece of dynamic climbing line I got in Bar Harbor (for elasticity) and a piece of dynemma for the section that goes over the bow. We’ll use a soft shackle to attach it to the anchor chain. The idea is that the soft shackle will not drop off the chain and can pass over the bow roller. The climbing line is stretchy and absorbs the shock loads caused by waves and wind gusts. The dynemma length that runs over the bow is extremely strong and chafe resistant. The design comes from Evans Starzinger.

I have to finish the last parts of the generator box. That’s been low on the list since we haven’t needed to run it since we left almost 4 weeks ago. We’re continuing to chase down slow leaks in the dinghy. It is from 1998, so I think that will be an ongoing process. Fortunately they are slow. I need to pick back up making the new dynemma lifelines. I also have the dynemma and hardware to make new running backstays.

So, all in all life on hurrah is the good life.





Popovers at Jordan Pond House

Popovers at Jordan Pond House

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