Valley cove, Somes Sound

Somes sound is supposedly the only fjord on the North American Atlantic coast. We are anchored in valley cove. Only a few hundred feet to the west, sheer and sloping cliffs rise several hundred feet above us. The sun set early here last night behind those towering cliffs.

The sky is blue directly overhead. The cliffs are mainly clear of fog and brightly light by the sun except for a few lower layers of fog that pass by. To the east out in the sound, however, the fog down low is thick. We can’t see the land down by the water though the mountains of Acadia do poke above the gray blanket.

This morning, we’ll hike to the top of “flying mountain” and hope it doesn’t live up to its name today. Then, we’ll head out to either little cranberry island or to frenchboro on Long Island. Tonight and tomorrow promise rain. So we’ll hole up a bit.

We’re turning southwest now and other than little cranberry won’t head any further east. Summer and a bit of warmth sounds really nice.

.  Valley Cove, Somes Sound

Hurrah. Valley Cove, Somes Sound



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