The start of a new school year

First Day of School

First Day of School

By democratic vote, the crew of S/V Hurrah decided that school would start August 1. So on Thursday, the young pupils sat down at their desks and duly started on the year’ work. Math books came out that first day. Hannes taught his first mythology class at 1:00 sharp. Anna whipped through her first math workbook by day two.

This is our first experience homeschooling, and we’re looking forward to it. We’re planning on covering math, reading, and writing. Hannes and I will try to keep playing guitar. Hands-on history and science lessons should be plentiful. We’d like to learn a little Spanish or German. We hope to learn how lots of things work.

You may be wondering how the kids spent their summer vacation. Hannes read two series by Rick Riordan, the Kane Chronicles and the Percy Jackson books as well as some favorite Boxcar Children books. We think he read more than 2,000 pages in July. So we think we’ve got the reading curriculum covered. I bought Anna a bunch of preschool workbooks to work on this year. She cranked through several of them in early June. So onto plan B once we figure out what that is.

All in all, a good start to the school year. The pupils haven’t mutinied yet, and there are field trips aplenty.

Attached are two pictures from our Friday arrival in Frenchboro. Wet and foggy.

Bis bald



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