We are spending the weekend on enchanting Frenchboro Island. We arrived in a dense fog following a path of lobster pots materializing out of the mist. I half-hoped a castle would mystically appear. Instead, the fog cleared to show a small harbor surrounded by two islands. More than half of Frenchboro is a boggy nature preserve. The pink, green and white moss spring back lightly under our feet. Hiking here is unlike any we’ve ever done. We’re tramping in spruce forests rooted in mosses and fungus. On some paths, we come across sea urchin shells. On others, we find the sea surrounded by thousands of washed, worn rocks. Tonight, we’re hoping for lobster dinner at the harbor deli. Cheers. Hope you have a wonderful day.

Here are the kids watching dinner come out of the crates under the dock.

Looking for Lobsters

Looking for dinner: Frenchboro Harbor

If you head to Frenchboro Harbor. Don’t miss the tides. Here is what the head of the harbor looks like around low tide. Note how high the docks are here. Yes, the tides are that big. Don’t think Hurrah would make it up here.

Low Tide, Frenchoro Harbor

Low Tide, Frenchoro Harbor

From up on the hills of the island, Hurrah looked quite far out in the Harbor. We were actually on the closest large mooring.

Frenchboro Harbor

Hurrah lying on a mooring – Frenchboro Harbor

Greg and the kids had a nice kayak tour around “Harbor Island”, the island just off the Harbor. Where do they get these names?

Kayaking Frenchboro

Kayaking Frenchboro

Here is the spongy forest floor under the spruce trees. It is nature’s ultimate shag carpet. If only it were in style again.

Long Island Forest Floor

Long Island Forest Floor


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