Isle au haut village

We left Frenchboro bound for Hell’s Half Acre. Finally, there was wind. Really nice wind. As in 12-20kts. Wonderful. We can sail! Not quite. (You knew that was coming.). It was west at first. We were headed west. Then, great it shifted. It was NW. We were headed NW. Yes, we still could have sailed, but the route was relatively narrow and beating into 20 kts tacking every few minutes with our house sounded about as much fun as washing my hair in ice cream on these cool maine summer nights.

No worries, we had selected a fine anchorage only a short hop away. Turns out, and we should have realized this earlier, the island to the North of the anchorage is a bit scrawny. There really isn’t an island just to the west. Yes, (for those of you in the know) Camp island is to the west, and is indeed beautiful, but it isn’t that close. As we approached, we thought, “hey, we’ll have this beautiful anchorage all to ourselves.” Then we thought, hey, why isn’t anyone else there? Oh. Uh, oh.

So, onto to the non-existent backup plan. Turn north, there are a lot of protected anchorages. no, we can’t go that way: the pots were too thick at least where we were. Turn south. I zigzagged through the pots thicker than chesapeake Mosquitos. Tracy gave some directions, ignored my peppering questions, made a few grunts while huddled over the charts, and came up with a plan. We headed toward Merchants island. On the way, she found a hole in between Wreck island (why do they come up with those names? How about Happy isle? That would have been more pleasant today) and Round island (at least it is round-ish). We dropped the anchor only to realize the chain was tangled in the locker below.

So, back up with the anchor and then down below, unload the chain locker, reload the chain locker and wonder about all the rust dust on my daughter’s bed. (Would she notice? She hasn’t showered in a week, would it matter?). Back on deck. Tracy finds the same spot again. Drop anchor and realize we’re going to drift into the lobster pots on our stern. Anchor back up. Move over 100 ft, drop anchor time #3. It hits the bottom, we don’t hit any pots, but it is fouling on rocks and not setting. We were only stopping for lunch and to regroup so it doesn’t really matter. We were on deck the whole time anyway.

Lunch was lobster and garlic pasta. The wind calmed down. Wreck island was beautiful. A wooden schooner sailed by. Clearly in the SFZ. Tracy drove the rest of the way to Isle au Haut village. There is an open wifi network.

It was a good day that turned great.

Oh, and there is a chocolate shop here. Tomorrow will be even better.

Cheers from the good ship Hurrah.



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