Isle au Haut

We spent Monday evening and Tuesday poking around the village of Isle au Haut, on land and by kayak. It’s a neat place.

First, Hannes and Greg embarked on the typical low tide treasure hunt. Nothing extra returned to the boat, but we found a lot of chain and part of an old fisherman anchor. As useful as it looked, we decided against adding it to our anchor arsenal.


Treasures at Low Tide

Treasures at low tide

Then we checked out the mail service.

Isle au Haut Post Office

Isle au Haut Post Office

Then we headed to see what the town store was like and noticed that they even have take out pizza here. I bet it tastes better than Papa John’s. We didn’t try it.

Take out pizza on Isle au Haut

Take out Pizza on Isle au Haut

This morning, we actually went into the island store. It is larger than I expected and not as expensive. I had read reviews that it was really expensive. It seems that some folks forget that everything comes here by boat. We bought some crucial, basic staples: milk, eggs, apples, ice cream, Doritos, Cheetos, etc. We haven’t had those last two in over a month, so it was a real treat. It had also been at least two days since our last ice cream. The crew was on the verge of mutiny. Fortunately they had Giffords and the crew signed on for the next passage to Rockland.

Since it is so expensive to ship a car here, folks keep cars going and going and going. Here’s one we were particularly fond of. Can you guess why? The registration tags on the back were from 1989.

Texas on Isle as Haut

Texas on Isle as Haut

Tuesday afternoon we went for another nice hike in part of the national park. Blueberries grow all over the island. Anna declared: “this is wild. WILD!!” Yes, they were. We came prepared with a ziplock bag and picked and picked and picked. The four of us managed to amass a huge, backbreaking half cup of these tiny wild blueberries. one at a time. By trading off, we were able to lug them all the way back to the boat without even sinking the dinghy from the extra weight.

Hey, more blueberries here.

Picking Berries, Isle au Haut

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