Tenants Harbor

After a week’s hiatus, the latest installment of Motoring Maine finds our heroes leaving Tenants Harbor shortly after sunrise on calm waters with a touch of fog on the distant islands. There’s been some drama — we’ve raised the sails four times in the last seven days — and good times visiting with Ted, Sarah, Serena, Tig, Vienna, Oslo, and the Landrums. We’re heading for Sebasco Bay where we will visit with some of Greg’s family. Then it’s off to Boston.

We lucked into a mooring in Tenants Harbor yesterday afternoon. Fall (at least our definition of it) has definitely come. We ate seafood at the local clam shack overlooking the water. We had on fleece jackets even though the sun was shining on us. Tenants Harbor is a small lobstering town with a lovely inlet packed with lobster boats for a harbor. It reminded us of Port Clyde, our second port of call in Maine. The general store in Tenants had the same mix of food and motor oil as the general store in Port Clyde. Even better, this store had actual green and red vegetables. What a sight. Today we’ll pass just south of Damariscove Island on our way to Sebasco Bay. So we’ve completed a circle of sorts in Maine with lots of good memories in between.

We’ll post recaps of our trips to Hurricane Island and Belfast soon. Hope you’re all having a great day. Happy belated birthday to Harry — hope you had a great day yesterday.




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