Sebasco Harbor

We are on a mooring at Sebasco Harbor Resort in Casco Bay. It is a neat place. The “resort” isn’t really that, but rather a collection of cabins and a few small hotel-like buildings. They have many summer camp activities such as badminton, many lawn games, a candlelit bowling alley, a games arcade, and, most importantly for the crew morale, an ice cream stand with Giffords ice cream. Oh, they also have a saltwater pool that has reached a scorching 69 degrees. Surprisingly, Tracy and I didn’t even drop a toe in. It is a perfect place to stop with kids.

Yesterday, we motored yet again from Tenants Harbor. We were headed WSW and, of course, the wind was WSW. Given the direction, fortunately it never topped 5 kts. Most of the time it wasn’t even 2 kts. Good thing we have solar panels now rather than an wind generator for power.

We are headed to Boston this week and looking forward to spending time with all the folks we know there. The kids have many secret clubs planned. Mostly the usual overthrow the rule of law and parents.

The days are getting noticeably shorter. It’s dark by 8 and only light at 5:30. The mornings are crisper. We need to make some miles south.






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