Weather windows, borrowed time, ice cream and fluke

We’re still in Jamestown, RI and are checking the weather forecasts every couple of hours. The fronts have started to push through every couple of days breaking the typical southwesterlies. Tomorrow brings the next front in the pattern.

We originally thought we might head through LI sound down to NY, but are ready to be settled in one place for a longer time and so are tempted to ride the north wind down into the Delaware. So, heading directly offshore tomorrow is our leading plan. If the forecast changes tomorrow, our plans may change. Otherwise, we’ll be in the Delaware late Friday and back in the Chesapeake on Saturday. We haven’t seen much of the northern bay so we may poke around the Sassafras for a few days before heading towards the bay bridge.

In Jamestown, we’ve been eating ice cream (shocking isn’t it?), running a couple of errands, playing on the playground and fishing. Yesterday, we had quite a bit of action under the boat including a small Black Sea bass and a small skate, both released. Today, Hannes and I tried power drifting through the mooring field and managed to lose a lot of fish. Later we caught another skate and a 14″ fluke (summer flounder). We really want fluke, but the minimum is 18″, so that guy lived to grow for someone else’s table.

Today, we’ll hunt more ice cream and flounder, provision, and take advantage of showers

Here’s Jamestown today. Unlike a couple of days ago, we can actually see it.


We can also see Newport and Fort Adams:


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