With September, Back Creek in Annapolis fills up. As the month moves on, boats squeeze into spots left open by less desperate cruisers. Many of them have hailing ports of Boston, Maine, and Canada. Now, there are two boats off our dock. When the wind is out of the north, they are right off the dock. At times, it isn’t obvious how we’d get out of our slip.


These two boats anchored yesterday. It’s cool to see the Quebec flag and to hear the french. We are sympathetic about finding a place to anchor, but glad we aren’t trying to get into and out of our slip a lot.

At night, the creek is lit up with rows of anchor lights. All except for that dark-hulled boat with the small solar garden light at the end of their boom. You can’t see that from Jabins. You can barely see it a couple of boat lengths away.

Fortunately, among all the boats heading south, is the family on Tashtego, getting ready to head down the ICW to Florida and the Bahamas this winter. We had a nice dinner together and the four kids had quite an expedition hunting for minnows and grass shrimp. Nice to have another kid boat around. http://sailingunchartedwaters.com

We have just over another week here before making progress toward Hampton.

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