Cruising again

After 3 weeks in Annapolis, we headed south again on October 5 and spent a night in Deale with Tracy’s parents and then a week in Solomons. Solomons held us for so long due to a work trip and then the energizer bunny low pressure that gave us rain and 20-30 kts of wind.

Finally, the weather cleared and Monday, we headed to Smith Creek at the mouth of the Potomac.


We anchored in a small bay and other than another sailboat that followed us up the creek (but kept going), we didn’t see another boat for almost 24 hours. It was so nice to sit in one place out on our own, we didn’t even launch the kayaks or the dinghy. The were lots of Herons, a bald eagle nest in a big tree, a few fish jumping and a house that at 0800 played the national anthem and taps over a loud speaker. On the way in, some fishermen were tending to a pound net. We had not seen that before.


And, there is a small fishing village that looked interesting.


The anchoring went really well, after slowing backing down to tighten the chain, we upped the RPMs to 1900, a bit higher than our cruising RPMs. Roxy held fast. The new challenge is that she (can you call an anchor a she?) pulled up gallons and gallons of mud. She needs quite a shower afterwards.

Those two nights really felt like cruising again.

We are now off to St. Mary’s for our last batch of Maryland history. As you can see below, it is dead calm out here.


There is a small naval air field here. Google says it is “naval air systems engineering”. Yesterday they were towing a glider around.


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