Fast sailing

Another day and night of fast sailing. We are broad reaching in 16 – 25kts. That has held since yesterday morning and the miles are disappearing faster than supporters of the obamacare website.  We had some big waves.  They never look as big in the pictures.  They weren’t the biggest we’ve seen, however.  And, now that we were sailing downwind, it was pretty comfortable.

These always look bigger in person.

These always look bigger in person.

This one looks bigger

This one looks bigger

Last night we saw another vessel for the first time in 24 hours. there are several salty dawg rally boats in the area, but none within sight. We check in with them in the morning on the
check in nets and have spoken with Molto Bene for the last two mornings. This morning, the Molto Bene crew sang Happy Birthday. That was a real treat. it is pretty cool to have a sargasso sea birthday and spirits are high.

We have learned a few things so far on this trip.

Raw eggs like to liberate themselves from the pan while cooking. And, they make quite a slimy mess on the floor.

Our really dry boat has a few leaks through portlights and other deck fittings when she is pushed hard.

Opening up deck hatches and portlights to dry out from the aforementioned leaks is a really bad idea even if we haven’t taken a wave over the deck for an hour. There is always another one with your name on it. Trust me on this one.

Ballyhoo don’t last too long in the bigger seas and at faster speeds. We lost a lot of ballyhoo yesterday and then our wahoo lure. I want the fish that took our lure.

Finally, political news sounds even worse over the xmsirius radio while out on the ocean. Out here it is hard to care.

Hope your day there is as good as ours here.

SV Hurrah at 30 45N, 068 31W

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