fish, fish, and more fish

We continued to have great wind throughout Sunday and averaged almost 8 kts for most of the day. Sunday was the first really warm day. It felt glorious.

After running dry on fish for the morning, we hooked up 5 additional Mahi Mahi during the day. We lost one of those just after we got him on deck and a well-timed tail flop liberated him.

That brings our tally to 8 Mahi. It turns out that it is a lot of work stopping the boat, furling the jib, reeling in the fish and cleaning it. Well, calling it work probably isn’t right. It doesn’t feel like work.

With each fish, the kids start excitedly yelling “tummy inspection”. After the big flying fish we found Saturday, our fish have come up with empty bellies. No wonder they are so willing to chew up whatever we pull behind us. Still, we had good times with the kids pulling out the guts by hand, taking out and feeling the eye balls, and inspecting the mouth, gills, and anything else they could find. Anna especially wants to feel and poke at every part of the poor fish.

Let's see what this one had for breakfast

Let’s see what this one had for breakfast

Around 0500, the wind really dropped. We are now motorsailing with the main. With fishing lines out of course.

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