still moving

The good ship Hurrah is still moving along. All are well and happy. After motoring for about 20 hours, we were able to sail again at 0330 this morning. It is not clear that this wind will hold. We may return to motoring today.  We are into the groove of life at sea and enjoying it quite a lot.  There is a nice rhythm out here.

Yesterday, another Mahi joined us. He was much larger than his friends in the freezer at 55″. We did the usual tummy inspection and found only a huge mess of bones.  We saw this one come screaming up to the lure at times jumping out of the water.  It was just a question of which lure he would hit.  We have never seen one before he hooked up and this one put on quite a show.  During the fight, he did a number of tail stands.  Beautiful fish.

Fish on

Measured 55"

Measured 55″


P1070154Yesterday also brought a cruise ship within a couple of miles. It was different to see another vessel after a couple of days without seeing any.

Anna was quite excited about seeing her first flying fish.

It was a great day.

the merry crew of SV Hurrah

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