landfall day?

If all goes as planned, we’ll make landfall today. Right now at 0715, we have 70nm to go. Hannes is on deck on watch and has been since just after 0500. The wind is dropping this
morning, but overnight backed from the SE to the ESE and almost East allowing us to sail directly to Virgin Gorda.

Last night was another beautiful night with an incredibly bright half moon for the first part of the night replaced by darkness for the second and third halves of the night. There were a lot of stars and quite a few shooting stars.

During the 2300 to 0200 watch, I was sleeping on deck while Tracy was on watch when I awoke to a squeal. It turns out that a flying fish flew over the deck, between the bimini and dodger and landed in the forward part of the cockpit. He wasn’t happy. After a lot of flapping and escaping my hands, we managed to return him to the sea. Hopefully the sea will return the favor by sending us a tuna later today. After the early morning Mahi yesterday, the fishing poles were quiet. One more try for a tuna today.

Spirits are high here all around with a lot of excitement for making landfall mixed with the recognition that we’ll miss these days at sea.


Land ho!


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