Turquoise Friday

We thought we should wake up early to beat the crowds for Turquoise Friday and then realized there were really no crowds and no rush where we are. There are plenty of sails, but no sales. So we slept in til 7:00, still full with the joy of Thanksgiving from yesterday. Leading up to Thanksgiving, we spent the whole month of November counting our blessings and writing them on tiny strips we put in a milk carton Mayflower Hannes and I made when he was a toddler. We brought the Mayflower on Hurrah and spent yesterday evening reading through them. We thought we’d share some of them:

We’re grateful for the good ship Hurrah, which has taken us safely and surely on our adventures thus far; loving and supportive parents; fantastic kids full of a sense of adventure and accepting of the eccentricities of their parents; many great friends and family who’ve offered encouragement and help as we’ve realized this dream and especially Ted, who helped get us here safely with a freezer full of fish; the beauty of the coastlines we’ve seen; the beauty of the blue water of the Sargasso Sea and the Atlantic; the comfort of home and the allure of places unexplored, and most of all the strong love flowing through our family everyday. We are truly thankful. Thanks for being part of this with us.

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