Jost van Dyke/diamond Cay

This morning, we are on a mooring at Diamond Cay off Jost van Dyke. There are pelicans flying about. Yesterday afternoon, we saw a sea turtle and a small shark. The latter was interested in my hand that was inspecting the bottom of the boat. He was cute.

Jost van Dyke is named for a 17th century privateer/pirate who started various settlements on Tortola. At one point, he angered the Spanish enough for them to come over from Puerto Rico and decimate the settlements. He fled and hid out on what is now Jost van Dyke. Looking at the terrain, you can see why it would be a good hideout.

Here’s our view of the cut between Jost van Dyke and little Jost van Dyke.


Our charts don’t have height contours on them. We looked at the chart for this area and thought it would be a short walk across Jost. Of course, here’s what it looks like in person. It wouldn’t be a short anything.


This is little Jost Van Dyke. Last night and this morning we could hear the goats on shore. That was an odd first. We don’t usually sit on deck and listen to the nearby goats.


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