Great Harbor is great

We are anchored outside the mooring field in Great Harbor, Jost van Dyk. The harbor isn’t quite full, but there is a nice schooner anchored just east of us. Today we head over to the US.

Here’s the view:


Anna and I are in the cockpit watching the pelicans dive bomb the water for their breakfast. We just had the following conversation:

Anna: Oh, wow. In the winter if they dove they would hit the ice and it would hurt.

Dad: It is winter now.

A: Really? Wait a minute?!? It can’t be winter.

D: Yes, it’s December already.

A: Oh, well winter doesn’t start until January.

D: Anna, you know what the weather is like in January?

A: No, what?

D: Just like it is now.

A: Oh! Really? Wow!

Then, she just asked Tracy: “mom, is it really winter now?” “Is it snowing in Maryland?”

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