Francis Bay, St. John, USVI

We moved yesterday from “town” on St. Thomas to St. John.  It was an easy motor upwind in 15-20 kts.  Here’s a view rounding Turtle Point on St. John looking towards the B.V.I.

North Shore of St. John Note, Molto Bene in center

North Shore of St. John
Note Molto Bene in center

Francis Bay is part of the Virgin Islands national park.  It is a pretty spot.  The hills on Mary Point to the north and the spit of land to the east give great protection from the swell.  So, for the first time in almost a week, we had a smooth night.  What a luxury to be able to set a pitcher of water down on the counter and not worry about it tipping over.

We went for a snorkel after arriving.  The highlights were two barracuda, lots and lots of fish, a gorgeous angelfish and swimming about 10 feet above a huge green turtle that had two fish on its back.

Whistling Cay (pronounced key) is a small, but high island on the north side of the bay.  There is a ruin of a building on shore from the early 1800s.  Online, folks speculate that it is either a guard house or a customs house though the latter seems unlikely.  Later, we’ll take the kayaks over to this beach and use it as a launching spot for a snorkel on the reef there.

Whistling Cay.  Note ruin of building on shore.

Whistling Cay. Note ruin of building on shore.

Here are a couple of views of Francis Bay.

Francis Bay

Francis Bay

The pattern of a couple of squalls a day shows no sign of stopping.  Here’s one of the two that rolled through between 6 and 8 this morning.  Good to wash the salt off the deck.

Squall over Francis Bay

Squall over Francis Bay


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