Christmas (Almost) at Christmas Cove

Happy Winter.

On our way back to town (Charlotte Amalie) tomorrow, we stopped again at Christmas cove today for a festive day.

We immediately jumped in and were welcomed by this guy under our boat.

Christmas Cove, 21 Dec.

Then, we got busy on our gingerbread house.

Baking Gingerbread.  21 December

Baking Gingerbread. 21 December

Of course, we couldn’t miss an afternoon paddle and then a good snorkel.  These ballyhoo were neat and quite friendly.

Ballyhoo, Christmas Cove

Ballyhoo, Christmas Cove

I also really liked this huge sea cucumber.

Sea Cucumber, Christmas Cove

Sea Cucumber, Christmas Cove

There are huge numbers of sea urchins here.  Mostly small and large black sea urchins.  I think that these are long-spined urchins.  They are really big. This is one, but there are thousands here. I want to pick one up, but need to come up with a plan.

Black Sea Urchin, Christmas Cove

Black Sea Urchin, Christmas Cove

Christmas Cove

Christmas Cove

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1 Response to Christmas (Almost) at Christmas Cove

  1. Jason says:

    Hello Leonard’s….. Got your card today. I’ve been looking for an update and now I have found it. You guys look good out there. Nothing better then living a life. Have fun, and I’ll be following!

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