Happy New Year

Happy New Year to you all from the crew of Hurrah.  Over dinner on New Year’s Eve we all discussed the many things that made 2013 a wonderful year for us.  Our lists overlapped heavily.

Meeting new friends up and down the East Coast and especially the Russell family who moved aboard at ALM around the same time we did.  It is hard to imagine that we could all make such good, genuine friends in such a short time.

Reconnecting with old friends such as the Landrums and Tig and Serena up in New England and getting to know others like the Nelsons and the Richardsons much better.  It was really nice to see Hannes and Sophie L reconnect as if they hadn’t missed two years. You’d think they had known each other since they were small.

Spending a wonderful day visiting a long-lost cousin and her family at their home in Maine.

How much help and support we had from our friends back in Maryland.  From all the times Ted came down to the boat in the winter when the space heaters struggled to bring the temperature up to 30 inside, to all the folks who received packages for us, picked up a part, helped move the anchor, found a head for us on our departure day after we broke ours, and generally helped us get off the dock.  The list goes on and on.

Talking to folks we met by chance such as the lobsterman and the Frenchboro teacher on a rocky beach on Frenchboro and the Rockland harbormaster who loaned us his car to visit a festival at the historic Knox house nearby.

Having two nice visits from our parents/grandparents on the boat to get a glimpse of what life on a boat is like.

More interesting and awesome (in a literal sense) harbors than we could list without checking the logbook or this blog.  Over dinner, we named Duck harbor, Frenchboro, Damariscove Island, Rockland, Hurricane Island, Boston, Cuttyhunk, the Sassafras, Francis Bay, Culebrita, Bahia de Almodovar and others.  Certainly the Wye river, Gwynn Island, Smith Creek, and Somes Sound also belong in there.

We all, and especially Hannes, mentioned the passage south and the beauty of the ocean that surrounded us for 9 days. And the fish. We tried power drifting for flounder in Jamestown and of course filled the freezer on the passage.

Anna led the charge mentioning swimming all winter.  A few days after Christmas she announced:

“Hey, it’s only a few days after Christmas and this is our special Christmas treat.”

“What treat do you mean?”

“Swimming of course.  We get to swim all winter.”

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