Back on St. Thomas

On Thursday, we moved from Ensenada Honda back to Bahia de Almodovar to get ready for the upwind jump back to St. Thomas.  For one and seemingly rare time, the forecast for Friday held and we had only about 12 kts out of the east (rather than 20+ on Thursday and for the next few days).

On St. Thomas, we stopped at Brewer’s Bay just north of the airport.  Seeing the planes land is fun and since the airport isn’t busy, there aren’t many landings anyway.  The runway blocks the swell from wrapping around the point into the bay so it is completely flat.  There is a local beach that is perfect for kids to swim from.  This is a wonderful change from the main harbor in Charlotte Amalie and a nice find on St. Thomas.

We spent the day on the beach playing with a bunch of local kids.  No pictures today, but here is one from New Years Day tunnel digging session at Playa Melones on Culebra.

Bilingual digging session, Culebra

Bilingual digging session, Culebra

While at the beach, we had a visit from a friendly local iguana.  He looks happy to see us, doesn’t he?

Iguana, Playa Melones, Culebra

Iguana, Playa Melones, Culebra

At Bahia de Almodovar, we took a few kayak paddles again.

Bahia de Almodovar, Culebra

Bahia de Almodovar, Culebra

And, from the return to St. Thomas.  Is it a surprise that this is called “Sail Rock”?

Sail Rock, USVI

Sail Rock, USVI

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1 Response to Back on St. Thomas

  1. captcooke says:

    That’s day we landed. Winds been howling today out of east. Secret Harbor near Nazareth would be great for kids. Easy hike to red hook too.

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