No Milk today

There is a Texas – Czech Song that goes something like:  “No Beer today, No Beer today, you can’t buy beer on Sunday. You gotta come back on a Monday.”  The grocery stores actually had plenty of beer.  Need rum or another liquor?  No problem.  The song that fits here:No Milk today, No Milk today, you can’t buy milk on a Sunday…  The next part, with the critical information about when you actually can buy milk isn’t yet clear.

No Milk today

No Milk today

Yes, that’s almond milk.  Aka milk of death.  No we didn’t buy any.

We are back on board in the main harbor rolling.  Glasses and other items are skidding from side to side on the salon table.  But, this is the view:

Charlotte Amalie Harbor

Charlotte Amalie Harbor

Looks amazingly flat, doesn’t it?

Unfortunately, the winter storm back in the US cancelled our cousin’s flights, and we are guestless.  We seem to have a jinx for the travel for our visitors.

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