Crowded Anchorage

I hope this wasn’t as close as it looked from our vantage point.  We were happy to be on the other side of the anchorage…

Carnival Valor in Charlotte Amalie

Carnival Valor in Charlotte Amalie

This was the third ship to leave in about half an hour.  You can see the second one further out in the channel headed south. It seems that Valor starts in San Juan, stops here and then heads on to Barbados after a “fun day at sea”.  Probably a bit different than our fun days at sea.  It is a 7 day cruise in all.

We had a laundry and shopping day and are looking forward to Tracy’s cousin and her fiance joining us later tonight.  In the middle, we made it back to Daylight Bakery for lunch and had a great chicken stew with rice.

Tomorrow, we’re on to more scenic and flatter harbors.  Hurrah!

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2 Responses to Crowded Anchorage

  1. captcooke says:

    We watched them leave from up on Nazareth above Secret Harbor, they look like floating buildings. There is a great Ap called Marine Traffic which grabs identification signals and names most commercial vessels in transit. Totally enjoying your posts about the adventure.

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