Tracy’s Cousin and fiance are here.  We spent two nights in Lameshur Bay before moving over to Salt Pond Bay at the SE corner of St. John today.  Lameshur Bay offered a lot of snorkeling and good hiking.

"Hey, we escaped the polar vortex!"

“Hey, we escaped the polar vortex!”

Lameshur Bay, St. John

Lameshur Bay, St. John

Yesterday we did a 5 mile hike up to the petroglyphs left by the Taino probably around 1000 years ago.  The area is just under a waterfall that is 40 ft or so high.  There is a freshwater pool at the base that has a few crabs, shrimp and fish swimming in it.  All around, there are strangler figs and other lush plants.  Sitting there, it is a bit mind-boggling to imagine the Taino sitting in the same spot 1000 years ago.

Petroglyph, St. John

Petroglyph, St. John

Petrogrlyph, St. Jhn

Petroglyph, St. John

On our snorkel this morning, Jessica and David and the kids were able to swim with a huge green turtle, a stingray and lots of fish.  Tracy and I joined later and Tracy pulled up a conch shell to show everyone what a conch looked like.  Many things don’t work out as planned, and instead of a conch, a small octopus came out of the shell. He came fully out of the shell and crawled around while we held the shell.  Here he is on the front of the shell.

Octopus on a conch shell, Lameshur Bay, St. John.

Octopus on a conch shell, Lameshur Bay, St. John.

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