Golden Age Ranch

This afternoon, the kids took horseback riding lessons at Golden Age Ranch near Lindquist Beach on St Thomas.  Their instructor was wonderful, and not only did they have a fantastic time, but they (and I) learned a lot as well.

Horseback Riding Lessons

Horseback Riding Lessons

I particularly appreciated the realism at the ranch.  They rescue thoroughbred race horses that have either retired or been injured and were not properly looked after.  Some pigs live there as well, and chickens run around the place.  While the kids were riding, a hen and her four chicks came pecking by.  I snapped their photo.


After the lesson, the instructor told us that seven chicks were born this morning, but it looked like only four were left, and he had seen the hen walking near where a mongoose lives.  Ah, walking the thin tightrope of life . . .

After the lesson, we walked to Lindquist Beach, lush with turquoise water, sea grapes, and soft, soft sand.

Disappearing at Lindquist Beach

Disappearing at Lindquist Beach

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2 Responses to Golden Age Ranch

  1. Lyn Shoemaker says:

    That is a very nice blog about our ranch. Can you tell me when you were there? Is there a possibility of putting it on Trip Advisor? I am glad it was a good experience.
    Lyn Shoemaker

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