Lazy days

We have stayed here in Salt Pond bay.  Yesterday, we hiked back up to Ram’s Head – the point at the southeastern tip of St. John and played on the beach.  In the evening, we attended a ranger program on the beach on the night sky and saw Jupiter and 4 of its moons through the telescope on the beach.   Since the last full moon, we have actually spent a lot of time in the evenings recently looking at and learning about the night sky, so this was a nice tie-in to what we’ve been up to.

Today, I climbed the mast to look things over and look at the lead on the jib halyard.  All was well.  Here’s the view from the top:

Up the Mast, Salt Pond Bay, St. John USVI

Up the Mast, Salt Pond Bay, St. John USVI

At one point this afternoon, it cooled off and rained steadily for a while.  The mountains were hidden by the clouds and passing rain.  It felt like Maine a bit.  Except it was warmer, the water is turquoise, we’re in swimsuits, and the trees look tropical.  Otherwise, it was just like Maine.

We’ll stick to the boat to make tortillas and have mahi tacos for dinner.

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