To Market

Saturday morning we headed into the market that takes place every Saturday morning.  It is busy, noisy, and colorful.  Most of the sellers have fruits and vegetables.  A few have canned goods, pasta and similar products.  Many of the tables are in this market building, but many others spill out and down the street and even on to the next street.  On the corner by the church, a woman was preaching on a loud speaker.  It is quite a sight.

Market, Portsmouth Dominica

Market, Portsmouth Dominica

We came back with a haul of fruit and vegetables: Grapefruit, yams, cocoy (a local variety of banana similar to plantain), tomatoes, cooked plantains, oranges, pineapple.  The yams look different than those we have seen in the US.  We stewed them for dinner in a coconut milk sauce.  Add to that grilled cocoy and pork tenderloin and it was a Caribbean dinner.

The yield from the Market, Portsmouth, Dominica

The yield from the Market, Portsmouth, Dominica

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  1. Buck says:

    Are the people of Dominica excited about their Winter Olympic team ?

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