Les Saintes, Pain de Sucre

On Monday, we turned north and headed to Les Saintes.  We ended up anchored at Pain de Sucre on the western end of Terre de Haut.  It is a beautiful little anchorage that gets deep fast, has a pipeline across part of the shallows, has wind swirling from different directions due to the hills, and is quite crowded.  That makes for some interesting anchoring as the steep slope means that you are essentially pulling your anchor downhill – not ideal.  We set on the second time.  I snorkeled to confirm the set.


We walked into town (almost an hour up and downhill) and cleared in.  Clearing involved going to an internet cafe and entering the info into a computer.  Then, you print out a clearance sheet, pay 1 euro and you’re done. Today, we’ll probably move around to the Bourg harbor to be close to town.

We are now on an open connection that is too slow for pictures.  We’ll add them when we have a slightly faster connection.

Pain de Sucre, Les Saintes.

Pain de Sucre, Les Saintes.


Les Saintes

Les Saintes


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