Swimming and touring Marie Galante

We rented a car and spent the day driving around the island. Marie Galante’s main crop seems to be sugar. Sugar cane grows all over the island. It is unruly enough to seem wild, but we assume that the fields are planted.

Most of the cane goes to refined sugar production, but about 5 percent ends up as rum. It doesn’t make crazy amounts of rum, however, as it takes one tonne of sugar cane to make 120 bottles of rhum at 50%. There are three distilleries here. They make rhum agricole, a rhum made from sugar cane rather than from molasses as 99% of the rum around the world is made.

The rhum agricole has a distinct taste. Ironically, I think that it tastes a bit like molasses. We visited two of the three distilleries and tasted their rhums. Of course, we left with a few bottles. Fortunately one was working and they allowed unrestricted access all over the plant. It was a loud, dusty, and aromatic tour and was ver cool to see front end loaders scooping up the raw cane into the crusher.

We have also swum each day around the boat. The kids nicknamed this spot animal alley since the seafloor is covered with sea life including starfish, sea cucumbers, coral, anemones. We have also seen a coronet fish and a lion fish among many smaller fish.

Once we have a steadier internet, we’ll post a few pictures.


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