Conception Island

We are anchored in the bay on the NW corner of Conception Island. Conception Island is part of the Bahamas national park system and is completely uninhabited by people. The bay here has
a wonderfully beautiful arc of a beach along the bay with fine, silky sand. There are small, white cliffs at the northern edge. The water is 15-20 ft deep in much of the bay, flat as
lake water, and as clear as drinking water. Yesterday, we had a 5′ shark swim under the boat twice. We are one of only a handful of boats in the anchorage. From that description, you
can imagine that we love it here so far. Today, we will take the kayaks over to the mangrove creek that plunges deep into the island to explore.

If only there were a bit of internet now and then. We posted this from the sat phone.


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