Sharks, Sharks, Sharks, and Conch

We spent the day kayaking inside Conception Island. We towed the kayaks down the coast with the dinghy. First, we tried to get in through the seemingly wide creek entrance. That didn’t
work. The ebb was flowing out hard over a shallow limestone bar creating quite the white water entrance.

Next, we turned back north towards Hurrah and landed on the first beach north of the creek entrance (a lot of the shore here is rocky). A quick peek over the hill yielded exactly the view
we hoped for: the mangrove creeks weren’t too far behind the dunes and there was a windy sandy path across. So, we beached the dinghy and carried the kayaks to the water.

We spent the next 3 hours paddling the creeks and salt ponds. They are quite the ecosystem for small fish and not surprisingly small and not so small sharks. We saw quite a few lemon
sharks and at least one nurse shark. I think the neatest sighting were the conch. There were too many large conch to even count. When we have seen them other places, they have been in
water around 15′ deep. Here, they were in shallow water and even out of the water. It was low tide and many of them seemed quite happy to sit above the low tide line sunning themselves. That was quite the sight.

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