Cat Island

On Sunday, we moved over to New Bight on Cat Island and settled into the quiet anchorage. Cat Island is almost 50 miles long running generally north-south, but only 1-4 miles wide. There is a convenient hook to the West at the southern end providing nice protection from winds and swells south of east. So while New Bight is more of a small bay off of the town of New Bight, there is a large bight on the western side of Cat Island.

From the southwest point (Hawks Nest) to the New Bight anchorage the distance is about 10 nm in 20 ft that eventually drops to around 10 ft of water. We expected the typical Bahamian turquoise waters, but instead found ourselves motoring through clear and emerald green water that could have been in Maine or in New England.

Like many of these out islands, Cat Island was settled by Loyalists escaping their unfriendly predicament following the American revolution. There seem to be two stories to the name. One is that the island is named after the pirate Arthur Catt who reportedly buried his loot here.

New Bight has the highest point in the Bahamas at 206ft. We plan a climbing expedition today and will climb all 206 of those feet today to visit the Hermitage, the ruins of a famous monastery.

Here’s the view from Hurrah this morning. That’s the BaTelCo cell tower in the middle.


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