Big Majors, Staniel, Thunderball Grotto

We have slow internet here at Big Majors Spot, but have spent two wonderful nights and days. The highlights here are all solidly on the well-trod Exumas path. So, there are a lot of boats in the Big Majors anchorage. Yet, it is a big bay with lots of room.

First, we visited the swimming pigs on the beach at Big Majors. They were a hoot. They swam out to us looking for a snack as we approached in the dinghy.

Next, we snorkeled the Thunderball Grotto, a cave that was made famous in the James Bond movie, wait, wait, ok “Thunderball”. After you swim through the short cave, it opens up into a large room with cathedral ceilings and a few skylights. It was spectacular. Add to the scene the hundreds of fish that school around the entrance and it was a great experience. So wonderful, that we returned the next day to do it again.

We also explored some caves along the shore of Big Majors and managed to get in a snorkel on a sunken plane just west of Staniel. We’re moving north again today for Cambridge Cay for the weekend.

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