Warderick Wells

We left Cambridge Cay yesterday and undertook the long, arduous passage up to Warderick Wells, all of 7.75nm NW. We were able to sail the entire trip outside in Exuma Sound. Man, these days traveling are tough here.

We’ve been exploring Warderick and loving it more. Now, if only we had a quick internet, we might post a few pictures. Here’s a small one to give you a sense of the view.


The mooring field here (you have to take a mooring in this anchorage) is in a narrow channel that funnels an awful lot of water through when the tide is moving. There are thousands of brown thimble jellyfish that love the moving water. Unfortunately, they also reportedly sting. We have swum through them before at Cambridge and weren’t stung, but we’re not thrilled at the thought.

Yesterday, we quickly went on land and spotted a rare bit of wildlife in these parts, a ten year old boy. He and his family on a Pacific Seacraft 40 named Benevento (www.easethemain.com) are on a two year trip from San Francisco to Europe and back. The kids quickly disappeared together and we all ended up having a fun dinner last night. These species, however, are nomadic and unfortunately they needed to move on this morning.

We’ll be here a couple more days while we figure out what is going on with the trof that is over the Virgins now and moving westward.

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