Northbound day 3

All is well on Hurrah. We are off Charleston and headed slightly east of north. we can’t fetch the entrance to Wilmington yet. Later this afternoon, the wind should veer around to the south and put us right on course.

We had a few Little Tunny decide to come along for the ride. We aren’t sure that they are good eating, so we sent them on their way and actually stopped fishing so we could keep moving. It takes a lot of time to bring them in. So far, we’ve only used two cedar plugs that we rigged right before leaving Fort Pierce. Amazing how tasty they must look.


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1 Response to Northbound day 3

  1. jim says:

    Good choice on leaving the Little Tuny alone. A bit of internet research shows them to be poor eating. Ann did cook up a little bit of the better part of the one we caught – it was OK …. just, primarily cause she dowsed it with herbs and lemon juice.

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