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Clamming and Living the Life

We spent one night off Prudence Island in Narragansett Bay.  With folks in boats clamming all around us, we couldn’t resist.  We tried our luck ashore.  Well, actually the kids tried their luck as they didn’t need licenses.  Oh, too … Continue reading

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New London to Narrangansett Bay

We had an easy trip from New London, CT to Prudence Island. On the northern part of Newport, there is a graveyard for old ships.  This well-known and once proud carrier, USS Saratog, CV-60, a Forrestal class supercarrier, is destined … Continue reading

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Scene from Prudence Island, Rhode Island

Clams are big here.  Steamers, littlenecks, cherrystones, quahogs, hard shell, soft shell, and surf clams.  Here in the bay starting just after sunset, clams find themselves on the table on the stern of the boat.  Not a happy place for … Continue reading

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Views of New London

Here’s the view this morning of New London Harbor from Hurrah. We moved from the anchorage north of 95 by the Coast Guard Academy to a mooring right off the town so I could catch the early train to NYC … Continue reading

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Now this is the way to see New York

We spent about 12 nights in Port Washington using it as a base to visit New York City. For us, it was a great way to visit the “City” as we took an easy train ride in to Penn Station, … Continue reading

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Not for you

Seen in sal and carmine’s Pizzeria.  

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New York Pizza Tour: So many pizzas and so little time

We started our much anticipated pizza tour on Saturday June 7th in Port Washington and wrapped up on June 17th in Manhattan. In those 10 days, we tasted 18 unique pizzas from ten different pizzerias (not counting a second visit … Continue reading

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In case of emergency

Do not under any circumstances even think of pulling the emergency cord.  Not for fire, not for a medical emergency, not for a police-related emergency.  Never. Can you pull the emergency cord in a non-emergency?

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Important signs and a nice anchor

If you find yourself on the submarine USS Growler in the hangar for the nuclear ballistic missile and the bell rings and the red light is on, get out of there fast.  Sounds like a good plan. USS Growler was … Continue reading

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Heard in “the Rock”

“Hey, what’s all this NBC stuff?  What’s NBC?” “It’s a national television network.  National Broadcasting Corporation” “Oh.  What do you mean? Why do they sell all this stuff?” Ah, the joys of living on a boat.

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