A circumnavigation, live fire exercise, flat calm and guests

The water off Maryland looks like a smoothly rolling mirror covered in birds (mainly shearwaters and petrels), turtles, whales and … balloons. Yes, balloons. We actually have only seen
balloons once, but it was a cluster (tied together) of about 40. At first we though it might be a life raft so we changed course and headed to it. Still, we effected a successful rescue and popped all but 3 that we kept for the weekend’s birthday party.

Yesterday, we passed over a few canyons off the outer banks. Who would have thought that 50 nm offshore we would have to pick our way through the
crowds. Did someone advertise a sale on tuna for yesterday? We didn’t catch anything until later in day away from the crowds when two tuna joined us for the ride.

Yesterday, we also completed our circumnavigation of the Abacos by passing our November 2013 outbound track. This trip south was a lovely way to circumnavigate the Abacos.

Later in the day, we started hearing the Navy warships on the VHF announcing live fire exercises. Most were far enough from us, but one seemed to keep moving in our path. Fortunately, it seems they are behind us today.

Without the wind, we are motoring again north keeping the option of stopping at Cape May for fuel. Unfortunately, the Delaware bay flies have joined us for the ride too.

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