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In case of emergency

Do not under any circumstances even think of pulling the emergency cord.  Not for fire, not for a medical emergency, not for a police-related emergency.  Never. Can you pull the emergency cord in a non-emergency? Advertisements

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Important signs and a nice anchor

If you find yourself on the submarine USS Growler in the hangar for the nuclear ballistic missile and the bell rings and the red light is on, get out of there fast.  Sounds like a good plan. USS Growler was … Continue reading

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Heard in “the Rock”

“Hey, what’s all this NBC stuff?  What’s NBC?” “It’s a national television network.  National Broadcasting Corporation” “Oh.  What do you mean? Why do they sell all this stuff?” Ah, the joys of living on a boat.

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Up the East River and into LI Sound

We hauled up the anchor late Friday morning in time to ride the flood current up the East River. This was the full extent of our planning of the day. So, we were surprised by the crowd of boats and … Continue reading

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Wilmington to NY passage pictures

We had a great almost 600 mile passage from Wilmington to NY this week.  The winds weren’t perfect with a couple days of headwinds and other days with too little wind to sail alone and still make it far enough … Continue reading

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A circumnavigation, live fire exercise, flat calm and guests

The water off Maryland looks like a smoothly rolling mirror covered in birds (mainly shearwaters and petrels), turtles, whales and … balloons. Yes, balloons. We actually have only seen balloons once, but it was a cluster (tied together) of about … Continue reading

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Mahi – almost

We followed a weedline this morning for about 5 miles and had a hit on Hannes’ lure leaving some nice teeth marks, but missed the hook-up. Shortly after, we saw an approx 4′ Mahi clear the water after our lures. … Continue reading

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