Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th to all of you, especially to all the Arthurs we know.  We are hunkered down in the NW corner of East Greenwich bay near Warwick.  We have extra chain out, our storm snubber on, and backed down on the anchor at 2100 RPM without budging.  After a quick grocery run this morning, we moved over to this side of the bay from the anchorage off the beach at Goddard State Park which had a mile of fetch to the north.  That probably would have been fine with the relatively mild forecast for tonight, but we decided to move in case the winds pick up more than forecast.  Here’s a display of the grib file for tonight (from passageweather.com, a nice site for seeing these things).  This shows us getting about 15 kts out of the NNW.

Hurricane Arthur forecast for 2000 Friday evening

Hurricane Arthur forecast for 2000 Friday evening

It has been raining for a few hours now (1500) with almost no wind.  At times, the rain is hard enough so we can’t see land.  It seems that most of the fourth of July celebrations today are washed out.  Fortunately, several towns around here had fireworks last night.  We had fireworks surrounding us in an arc of about 270 degrees.

In the last week, we headed over to Bristol for a few days and went to their free evening concerts twice, ate a lot of ice cream, bought some green things from a farmers market, bought bait for flounder fishing (Arthur cancelled that for us), ate grinders which seem to be a centerpiece of the local cuisine, and generally enjoyed ourselves.  Then, we moved over to Prudence island where Hannes gathered another soft shell clam dinner, we walked on some of the island trails, and were surprised by the Zani family from SV Fabuloso.  We met them in the Caribbean.  They’re back home in Rhode Island and happened to swing by in their power boat.  It was fun catching up and even trying wakeboarding.

Always fun to surf the boom

Always fun to surf the boom

Wake Boarding, Prudence Island

Wake Boarding, Prudence Island

Hurrah off Prudence Island

Hurrah off Prudence Island

Here’s a view of Prudence from the plane.  Just up and right of Potter’s Cove (bottom right) is the anchorage we were in a few days ago.

Prudence Island. North (and Potter's cove)  is at the bottom left.

Prudence Island. North (and Potter’s cove) is inside the hook just down and left of the center.

After Prudence, we came back to East Greenwich Bay since Greg needed to go to San Francisco for a meeting and the bay looked like a good place to wait out Arthur.  Here’s Hurrah in the anchorage off Goddard Park.  Look under the orange arrow.

Hurrah - East Greenwich Bay

Hurrah – East Greenwich Bay.  Under the arrow, the closest to the beach of the two boats.

Swimming at Goddard State Park

Swimming at Goddard State Park

We hope to scoot tomorrow and make it well into Buzzards Bay and make the harbor islands off of Boston by Sunday night.  We’ll have to see what the wind is like in Arthur’s wake.


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