Sometimes things don’t go as planned

We arrived in Bar Harbor in fine shape on Sunday morning in time to run to the grocery store, the laundromat, and the ice cream store. Until (you knew that there would be an until), we were backing down on the anchor and snagged a lobster pot. The float was at least 20 feet away. It turns out that many of the pots in this area have 30-40 extra feet of line and, even worse, this one had floating line.

In true go big or go home style, we didn’t just snag the line, but pulled the entire pot up into and over the prop, shaft and strut. We didn’t hear a sound until a split second before the engine shut down.

Two hours of diving up and down (we don’t have a tank) cutting with 3′ bolt cutters hadn’t made much progress, so we tried to call a diver. Of course, it was Sunday, so no diver. We didn’t even manage to get one of the lobsters out of the trap (there were 3). That was probably for the best as the lobsters don’t put rubber bands on their own claws and they didn’t look friendly.

At least we were anchored. We hadn’t been able to back down on the anchor much and Tracy and I weren’t certain that we set. So, we set up plots on the GPS, measured distances to a mooring buoy off our stern, and generally paid a lot of attention. At one point, the harbor master had offered to tow us around to a city mooring, but the wind picked up and neither she nor I were comfortable with her smaller boat making the attempt.

Other than a 50′ slip during the afternoon, Roxy held us fast. The diver came Monday at noon and cut the trap away. We immediately fired up the engine and relaxed a bit when all sounded good. We decided to give the anchor a good pull, and at around 1300 RPM (as opposed to the 2000 RPM we usually pull at) drug. We hauled the anchor up with treasures from the deep: a good size log and a big ball of kelp.

A bit weathered and worn down and anxious to test the motor a bit more, we motored over to the main town and grabbed a town mooring. Quickly we followed up with a grocery and laundry run and an ice cream. A day late, but a happy ending nonetheless.

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1 Response to Sometimes things don’t go as planned

  1. Wendy Treichler says:

    Glad you saved this adventure for after I left! : )

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