Wooden Boat School

Here’s the view Monday morning of the anchorage off The Wooden Boat School. It is a great anchorage. The best part is the huge area of no lobster pots.


We walked yesterday to Brooklin Maine and stopped at the general store. Vegetables, beer, diesel, fuel additives, wine, and fishing lures. We really enjoyed seeing all the wooden boats moored and buzzing around the anchorage.

Today we head back to Mount Desert Island to drop off Richard and Ida rae and find more lobster. We’ve had lobster 3 days in a row and don’t plant to stop now.

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1 Response to Wooden Boat School

  1. ellen says:

    Such a lovely spot! John and I stayed at the Brooklin Inn on our very first trip to Maine and decided we’d buy land nearby- come hell or high water. I love that part Maine. Stay until the 16th and we’ll come visit!
    I’ve been reading about another Stevens 47 in Tahiti: http://sv-fluenta.blogspot.com/

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